The connection between friends can be a deep, valued relationship that may last for a short period of years before life takes you down different paths, or when it is at its best, it will last decades.

Often our deepest friendships from high school, college, and the years following narrow down to just a few people. A deep-rooted friendship will last for decades.

We know what “friendship” means, but how much does “deep-rooted” add to that definition? “Deep-rooted” is defined by being firmly embedded and of great influence. Let me share with you about a deep-rooted friendship I have the privilege of witnessing.

The friendships my husband, Les, made over fifteen years ago are really a fitting example of this. During college, he formed friendships with three men, one being his potluck roommate (Jeff), the second (Rob) was introduced to him by a mutual friend, and the third was on the baseball team with him (Dean). These four men made great memories in college, but the breadth and depth of their friendship became most evident after college.

Goofy Friends at UMHB

They have walked alongside each other, often via text message, through marriages, job changes, tragedies, the addition of children, and dreams for the future. They are great influencers in the lives of one another. If they are seeking a job change or advice, they seek out the advice of one another. When they are in need of prayer, spiritual advice and/or accountability, they run to one another. In Proverbs 27:17 it reads, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” These men sharpen each other.

When we met, twelve years after we met the first time in college, much of the credibility my husband earned, in my eyes, was due to his deep-rooted friendship with these men. You see, I knew them in college, so if they vouched for him I thought he was probably worth a few dates 🙂

We have been married for close to four years now, and I am now more thankful for his friendship with Jeff, Rob and Dean than I was four years ago.

Friends at UMHB Hug

Friendships change the trajectory of our lives! It is changing yours, too. When we reflect on our friendships, which ones are we pouring ourselves into? Is it the friend who will go the distance with us in life? Who are you allowing to be of great influence in your life?

The beauty of friendships can be that they come and go, because that means it is never too late to begin a new friendship. Perhaps you have reached that point of walking different paths from those who have been your close friends. Now you begin the challenge and joy of new friendships to come. Old friendships bring joy and new friendships bring joy.

We each have that one or two people we connect with, that just gets us, and wants to be in a deep-rooted friendship with us. Have you found that person? Cherish them. Maybe you are not sure if you have found that friendship. You have time. Could it be the person sitting next to you? Take a chance and meet them, because you never know how it may influence your life!

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