phone-communicationAdvances in technology and a more fast-paced world cause many of us in our daily lives to communicate more informally. Our smart phones enable us to text and send emails with ease. Social media options are varied including Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. In all of these communication and information venues, we are able to share our thoughts, activities, and pictures quickly, but sometimes, unfortunately, without much thought.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking informal communication is acceptable in all circumstances. At some point in college, you will email professors, university staff, recruiters, or employers who could recommend or hire you for an internship or position. It’s always better to take a moment and tailor these communications a little more carefully.

Careful Communications

  • Stop and consider your audience before sending any message
  • Watch the tone and content in your messages and posts
  • Use professional language and grammar in all emails – no emojis
  • Keep social media posts and tweets to the PG variety
  • Create a simple and respectful voicemail message
  • Limit slang and abbreviations in texts, and only use with friends
  • READ received emails and reply promptly if needed

Don’t let bad communication ruin a good message or a good reputation! In this age of technology and instantaneous transmissions, we need to keep in mind that what we post, message, or email is seen by many, reflects our choices, cannot always be deleted or repaired, and impacts our reputation. We live in a technology privileged world, but with that must come responsibility. Choose your words and deeds carefully. Good grammar, respectful content, and thoughtful messaging will go a long way toward keeping all of your communications golden!

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