Moving to college? What an exciting and terrifying time! You’re likely saying goodbye to family and friends from high school and moving to a place where you might not know anyone. Your family might be supportive, or your family might not care that you’re continuing your education. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the start of your college life, I’m proud of you! This is a big deal! So, if no one has said it yet, “Congratulations! You can do this!”

Once you’ve been accepted and have your housing assignment and class schedule, you might be slightly overwhelmed, or even nauseous at times. To help curb your anxiety, here is a non-exhaustive list of some things you might like to consider in planning your move to university!

Be present.

This is a unique time in your life- enjoy it! Be intentional in making friends- it’s quite possible that you’ll make life long friends here. Choose well!

Be studious.

Yes, do your best in your classes. You will not regret it. You may, however, regret taking classes again if you do not study.

Be home.

Make your dorm room home. Decorate and make it a home away from home. It’s not home, but yet it is, get it? And get to know your RAs- they’re amazing!

Get plugged in.

Get involved in the community your campus is in. There are things going on there that could use your skills. Find a club or group on campus that you’re interested in and join them. If there’s not one that interests you, start one.

Hang up and hang out.

Spend time outdoors. Go on a hike. Study with friends in a park. Develop the skill of not looking at your phone every 5 minutes. It’s hard, I know. But there are actual people around you. Get to know them!

Be faithful.

Find a church, but don’t stop there! Get involved. Adopt a family. Volunteer. Pray for the church. Spend time with God. Read His Word, memorize it. Pray for friends, family.

There are so many more things for you to do in college, but this is a start. College really is a unique time in your life! Make the most of every opportunity and have fun while you’re getting your degree.

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