stop-workingMy name is Nicholas Jones, I’m 31, have two kids and a wife, have earned two degrees from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and I have never worked a day in my life.

That statement might lead you to believe that I was either born extremely wealthy or lazy or both. Unfortunately for me, I can assure you I was not born wealthy, and while I do appreciate a good nap, I am not a particularly lazy person either.

So how I have I managed to go this long without working? Simply put, I love my job and would do it for nothing if life wasn’t so expensive.

Shortly after I graduated, I accepted a job as an admissions counselor here at UMHB and had no clue what to expect. I did know one thing though: I loved my time here as a student and the thought of getting paid to tell others about my alma mater sounded awesome.

I am not telling you this though to convince you to love UMHB (although I hope you do), but rather to give you some direction as you prepare for life after graduation. If you are anything like me, you started getting the “What are you going to do when you grow up?” question early in college and either made something up to sound good or flat out admitted you had no clue.

This hesitation often comes from a lack in confidence in your passions. It is time to start believing there is a way to earn a living pursuing your dreams, and start chasing after that goal.

Earning an income is an obvious necessity of life, but if you pick a career path that you aren’t passionate about strictly for monetary reasons then you are in for a long road ahead. When you find a career that drives you to work toward a purpose rather than just the next paycheck, you will never really work again.

Which leads to the big question.

How do I find this type of work?

Sit down and put in a good deal of thought into what it is that energizes you. What keeps you up at night, too energized with ideas to sleep, and then inspires you to jump right out of bed to start again the very next morning? This is the thing you need to put your life’s work into. Really evaluate the things that you are good at. This process may involve those closest to you as they sometimes can see strengths within that you are blinded to. One of the best things about how we are wired is that we are usually good at the things that we are passionate about, and we become passionate about the areas where we excel. Let your strengths be your guide.

Once you’ve determined your course, it is time to set your sails toward the destination you have in mind. This could mean jumping headfirst, but more often it requires splitting time between a job that pays the bills for now and opportunities that really speak to your heart. Remember that even if you don’t immediately land in your dream job scenario, each step along the path can bring you closer if you have a clear picture of what brings you passion and joy and life, and pursue opportunities (paid or unpaid) that allow you to use your strengths. Life is too short to go to a job every day that you hate—you were created for more. It is time to stop working and start living.

At UMHB, we want you to receive an education for life, but also have the experience of a lifetime. Choosing to attend UMHB might be your first step toward living life to fullest! For more information, we invite you to visit our website, or stop by for a visit!