I love teaching college students. I mean, I LOVE it. After 25 years in education, I LOVE students. I love learning with them and from them.

This semester one of the girls I taught previously, who also worships at my church, dropped by my office. She asked, “Do you mentor ladies? Would you mentor me?”

The question caught me off guard. Formal mentoring sounded a little overwhelming. I had mentored teenagers or college students through church classes or assigned relationships. I even considered myself to be an informal mentor to some through my personal relationships and interactions.

Titus 2:4-5 calls mature (actually, it says older – yikes!) women to mentor women who are younger in their faith so that “no one will malign the word of God.”

Yes. Having been a Christian for 30 years, I should mentor. Yet, I still felt a bit intimidated.

This young lady came to my office or home about once a week during the semester. We chatted about life. I shared some of the things I had read in my regular Bible study. We prayed together. I felt a little awkward a first, but what an honor that this wise young adult would ask me to mentor her. What a wise woman she is. I hope she is better for our time together. I know I am. She was also leading children in Bible study, thus serving as a mentor herself.

The college years are a perfect time to seek out mentors. Mentors in academia. Mentors in a future profession. Mentors for life. But most importantly for believers, mentors in the faith – learning and applying God’s word.

Mentoring relationships can be formal, but unlabeled mentors are common too. It is my prayer that God will reveal mentors and mentees in my life. I pray that college students would embrace the wisdom of seeking out mentors.

  • Mentors can be an example – someone you admire and observe
  • Mentors can be someone you meet with
  • Mentors can be someone who prays for you
  • Mentors can be someone who encourages you
  • Mentors can be someone who disciplines (trains, redirects, or corrects)

College students are also not too young to serve others as mentors. As humans, and especially as Christ-followers, we need one another.

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